Sunday, December 2, 2012

Away for awhile...

I haven't been updating my blog lately, so make sure you check out my Facebook page and Etsy shop for all of my latest designs and Christmas accessories!  Shop handmade and local this holiday season  ;)
Emma Bemma's Bows and Accessories Etsy Shop
Emma Bemma's Bows and Accessories Facebook

I plan on getting back to updating it over the next few weeks!  And be sure to check out the new link on my shop......Bill Me Later Paypal option.  Interested in placing a large Christmas order but don't want to pay it all up front?  Use Bill Me Later.  It allows you to pay a little each month, while still paying the shop owner up front.  Makes Christmas spending seem a lot less daunting!  Interested?  Click on the link provided on the left hand column of my blog.  Happy Shopping!!!