Friday, June 22, 2012

From old t-shirt to bathing suit cover in 30 minutes!

I FINALLY got my vintage Sears Kenmore sewing machine working!!!  A friend bought it for me at a garage sale for $5 and the thing is a beast!!!!  Whips right through layers of fabric and has lots of neat stitches.  So to celebrate the joyous occasion, I decided to be creative with a pile of t-shirts that a friend gave me to craft with.  I'm headed to Hershey Park for the weekend, so I thought, why not try and turn two large t-shirts into a bathing suit cover!  Nothing fancy....just something that I could whip up in under an hour and embellish later.  So here's the finished product!  I may add a cluster of fabric flowers to the top or waistband to jazz it up a little, but for now it will serve it's purpose just fine.

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